Additional Income Sources For Truckers and Entrepreneurs

One of the things that recent events should have made abundantly clear to everyone alive is the need to be better prepared – especially when considering income sources and how to make money needed to live on.

Trucking business opportunities are outstanding for those who are success driven – willing to work both hard and smart and learn and then do the things necessary to earn the rewards.

Having said that – even then and even in trucking – EVERYONE on earth that is capable of doing so should have at least 3 separate sources of income if possible. Or, at the very least – you should strongly consider it.

The reason is simple.

First of all, it is to protect yourself and your family in the event something happens to your primary way of earning money.

When you follow the recommendation of having three separate sources of income – then the loss of any one of them is nothing more than a temporary inconvenience vs a full-blown life crisis.

By having those two other sources of income you have time to replace the one you lost without it harming you at all – because you are prepared and because you will have foreseen the possibility of that happening and be ready for it.

What Kind of Additional Business is Good For Trucking Business Owners?

There are actually many that can work – but online business options are among the best possible choices.


Because you can easily work on your online business from the road – and from anywhere and anytime – so long as you can get access to the internet and have a laptop comper, which you probably already have – or can certainly get for just a few hundred dollars.

Then you can turn downtime normally wasted at shippers, receivers and truck stops into Income Production Opportunity time!

Here are just a few online businesses that you can consider starting;

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. eCommerce Shop
  4. Online Course Instructor
  5. YouTuber

There are others as well, and similar service types of companies where you could start your business and offer graphic design, website building and maintenance, coaching and mentoring, and other services.

In many cases, you may already possess marketable skills that others are willing to pay you for – and if not you can always learn something that can work for you if you are willing to put in the work and the time need to do it.

My Number One Recommendation for You to Start With is Affiliate Marketing

The reasons are many, but one of the first reasons is because the skills you will learn as you learn how to do affiliate marketing are the same skills you need to be able to market and build another kind of business on or offline!

It is also something that you can do anywhere anytime, and it is extremely affordable to get started.

An affiliate marketing business is one of the lowest startup businesses you can own – yet has unlimited income potential over time if you pursue it right. It may eventually produce enough income to surpass all of your other income production methods combined!

Regardless of whether that is your intent – meaning to eventually build your affiliate marketing business up to more than be able to provide your primary income so you can quit your current job, whether that is driving a truck or something non-trucking related – it doesn’t matter. the freedom you will have at that point in life will be amazing!

Until then though – it is and can be a very lucrative and beneficial side business in addition to whatever you now do. Whether you are an owner-operator, company driver, or work in some other capacity – it can help you improve your circumstances and help you do better in life.

Training and support can make all the difference.

When I myself decided to begin learning more about affiliate marketing and to begin incorporating affiliate marketing as an additional income production opportunity along with the other things I was already doing, I started looking around for good training.

Then I somehow stumbled across a blog post on a website, much like this one and much like you are reading at this moment.

It talked about something called Wealthy Affiliate – and right away my initial reaction was that I did NOT like that name at all!

Wealthy Affiliate… it just sounded scammy right out of the gate… and I thought it probably was just another fly by night get rich quick scam designed to take my money.

Yet I kept reading the post anyway. It started to sound good (don’t all scams sound good!) but I still had my guard up and was not about to get ripped off – no thanks.

Then I noticed they had a FREE trial – an honest to goodness actual FREE trial where no credit card or debit card at all was required to get inside and give the thing a test drive.

So I signed up for the free membership, still expecting to find the typical MLM type upsell double-speak and false promising guru garbage pie in the sky nonsense I was so used to encountering.

But to my amazement that is not at all what I found!

Instead, I found a wealth of value and massive amounts of training, value-adding content, an active and thriving community – chock full of hundreds of thousands of like-minded real people all over the world who I could get information from and communicate with if I wanted to.

But I still wasn’t sold – it seemed almost too good to be true for the modest price they wanted for the Premium membership. So I kept looking for the “Gotcha” that surely had to be there lurking somewhere.

Except it didn’t, wasn’t – and still isn’t! There is no catch!

Wealthy Affiliate is simple and straightforward about what it is – and what it is NOT (Not a get quick thing and it DOES REQUIRE WORK over time) and it doesn’t ask you for thousands of dollars upfront – like some supposedly advanced “High Ticket” training programs do.

You are even encouraged to try the thing out for FREE – as I did and as I suggest YOU do too!

Kick the tires, test drive it – then decide.

If you like it and think this might be the place for you to learn affiliate marketing and to get help and support as you work hard over time to build your own business – then go ahead and upgrade to Premium – but even then just go month to month for the first few months until you are sure it is what you want.

If you change your mind then you can quit anytime and only be obligated for fees up through the current billing cycle/month – and there is no further obligation.

So do that – then if you really decide to go gung ho then you can prepay a year at a time and get a little bit of a discount over the monthly – if you like.

After a couple of months or so (I took a long time and I was really looking hard for the WA Scam behind every crack and crevice I could find) before I decided it was legit and that I was willing to part with any of my money. Then on January 1, 2020, I went Premium and have never looked back!

WA has continuously exceeded all my expectations – in a very good way – and continues to do so today!

So What is Actually Inside Wealthy Affiliate?

Watch the video and find out.

For several minutes I say nothing, just let you follow me around as we wander the proverbial campus of WA – then later in the video I will explain a few things for you.

I hope you enjoy the walkthrough – and if you are still interested at the end – click the link in the description box – sign up for the FREE trial yourself and come on inside and say hello!

Me and a few million friends will be there waiting to meet you and help you begin your own affiliate marketing journey too.


Here is the video;


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