Choosing the Right Trucking Job for You

The key to your happiness and your success sin trucking is in making good well informed choices.

Ther is no single job that is the best job for all drivers. Each person has their own situation, finances, family relationships, desires and goals for what they want to accomplish in their career – and it varies dramatically!

What one person would consider to be a terrible miserable job – like a dedicated account that requires heavy work unloading the truck at multiple stops in all kinds of weather every day, for example – another would consider the same job to be a great job!

If you hate physical work, tight quarters and close maneuvering into tight customer lots – then you won’t like such work.

On the other hand, want to get home daily, or every other day and most weekends and get a hell of a good workout every day that keeps your body strong – then it might be just what you want!

Another driver might like long haul and OTR work where they are just riding and guiding all day every day for the most part. Little to no physical work and lots of miles – but sleeping in a new truck stop every night and gone from home for days and weeks at a time. Another driver who has a family at home who they miss dearly and don’t want to be away from will find that separation misery.

Would that be heaven or hell for you? I don’t know – it depends on you, your situation and what you want right now and what you need.

But take the time to ask the questions and think these things through BEFORE you take on a certain trucking job and you will be more successful and happier too!

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