Have Multiple Income Production Sources in Addition to Trucking Income!

Over the years I have learned many lessons. Some the easy way from getting information, training, support and other resources from other people and using it well – and other lessons from making mistakes that were both painful and costly.

Beyond that I have been privileged to learn from hundreds (probably actually a few thousand now and counting!) of other people I have personally known and many others I know of, and I have studied both their successes and their failures.

I have watched people build companies from humble beginnings – to go from entry-level company drivers to independent contractors, independent owner operators, freight brokers, and even small fleet owners. I have witnessed their successes and have seen those who came crashing back down and lost it all too.

Sadly I have personally known many truck drivers who loved driving and who were successful at being professional truck drivers, and often as road trainers and rolling recruiters too – but chose not to pursue any other sources of income other than those directly tied to their own ability to continue driving. They just wanted to drive and maybe train a few people every year and they were happy doing that. Then something happened. Usually medically related that prevented them from continuing to drive. They went from making plenty of money and having good benefits to desperately seeking other ways to make a living very quickly, and sometimes literally overnight.

Please do NOT let that happen to you!

If you read my posts, watch my videos, read my books or interact with me in any other way – and especially if you know me personally then you know I love trucking! I love driving (believe it or not any chance I get to drive is still FUN after all these years!) and I love all other aspects of the business of trucking and especially teaching and sharing all the trucking-related specialized information and experience I have acquired over all these years.

If you are new to trucking or just beginning to build your own trucking business for certain you do need to FOCUS on building your own trucking career and or trucking business successfully first – and there are many things to learn, do and apply there.

But at the same time, you need to begin to seriously consider what other income production opportunities interest you that you can begin learning and doing on the side so that you can build up your own knowledge, skills, and experience in those businesses too and provide additional income for yourself and your family.

As soon as you have the fundamentals of trucking down and are comfortable – then is the time to start actively implementing some other strategies and tactics and use additional income production opportunities to diversify and increase your income.

If you do then you are never dependent on or at the mercy of ANY single source of income.

Even better, once you have your additional income sources up and running – don’t just spend that money to buy junk you don’t need, but instead, do a few of other things first;

  1. Reinvest some of it back into your business or businesses to help grow your income even more
  2. Build up a very good Emergency Reserve Fund for your life (just like you should have for trucking too!)
  3. Use some of it to reduce and or eliminate debt – the less debt you have the more freedom and independence you have!

After all that you can spend some of it on whatever you like and enjoy life more! As you make more money you will have more money to do with as you wish while still having stable and growing additional income sources.

That is peace of mind. It is more security and stability in an unstable and insecure world.

Just don’t wait too long to start learning and doing it though!

In the middle of a crisis is not the best time to be thinking about how to have more income production opportunities because you will be too stressed and desperate to do anything other than try to survive!

Where Should You Start?

Look at some different Income Production Opportunities and see which ones have potential and of those which ones most interest you. It is always far better to pursue something you find interesting and enjoy vs something you personally hate and only do just to try to make money alone. Money is important – but you are more likely to be more successful and stick with things you also enjoy.

With that in mind, some of the least expensive and most portable opportunities that you can work on literally from anywhere you have access to a laptop computer and an internet connection (your cellphone hotspot will work!) are online business opportunities.

There are many to choose from.

Affiliate marketing is among the best – because you have access to thousands upon thousands of products and services that you can market and earn from but that you personally do not have to create, pack or ship or do anything else with if you don’t want to.

Almost all major companies now use affiliate marketing to help promote and sell their products. Amazon, Walmart, and Udemy are just a very few. Other companies of all sizes and configurations also use affiliate marketing and more are joining them every day. It makes sense. It is a win, win, win opportunity.

The buyers get more in depth information provided by you on your own blog, site, and youtube channel and other platforms you may decide to use. The seller/company gets to have you promote their stuff at no cost to them until you produce results and then they pay you a fee based on a portion of the sales you generated for them – and you win because you made money without having to make or buy inventory or handle all the hassles of product delivery and customer service. Win, win, win.

And don’t worry either. Everything you need to learn to start your own affiliate marketing business you can learn and apply step by step. Do keep in mind this is a real business and it requires real work if you want to make it work for you. Like other legitimate things – it only works if you work and put in the time and effort required, but it can be a very powerful income production opportunity for you – and one you can start, build and grow for less than $100 per month – in fact, you can even get the ball rolling and start learning the basics completely for FREE! Then if you decide it is the right opportunity for you you can switch to Premium training and support and that currently is about $50 per month if you go with Wealthy Affiliate. If you use my personal link to join and become part of my WA network – then you will get my personal help as you build your own affiliate marketing business. Interested? Click HERE and let’s get started – begin with the FREE membership and we will go from there.

By the way – when you become part of my network you get all kinds of bonuses! First, you get my personal help and guidance on an entire SYSTEM of interconnected income production methods and tactics in addition to affiliate marketing which is part of that overall system. While Wealthy Affiliate is a powerful and very important resource in its own right – you get access to so much more when you become part of my network. You will get my personal help as your instructor, coach, and mentor. So consider it and if you think it is the right opportunity for you right now go ahead and sign up for your FREE membership and try it out now!

Of course, there are all kinds of other income production opportunities too.

Some work better for you as you are active in trucking than others do, because again you can do certain things while you are on the road and from anywhere pretty much. Others require more resources and maybe inventory and shipping (eBay, some Etsy stuff, etc.) but can still be possible in some cases. Writing your own eBooks and creating courses on topics you know and are passionate about can also work for you and doing that is another portable income production opportunity.

Take a look at Income Production Opportunities and Build Your Own Business Empire for more information on more ways to make more money.

The concept is both simple and powerful. Take some of your time and resources and continuously reinvest in building and growing additional sources of income. Work to grow and improve them over time and repeat the process to whatever level you desire and that your own skills, drive and abilities can take you. The only real limits are those in your own mind.







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