Inwood Truck and Trailer Repair Review – Are They Legit or a Rip Off Business?

Truckers need RELIABLE and HONEST repair shops and roadside assistance companies.

That is because stuff happens and things break – and when it does on a big truck – time is indeed money.

That means a repair shop needs to be FAST and PROFESSIONAL and FAIR in its pricing.

While a company does not have to be the cheapest – they should not be gouging either and definitely should not be out to rip you off. Yet some do. Some makeup problems that do not exist, or exaggerate minor things that would be simple and easy fixes into major issues so they can tow your unit, get a tow bill and then hit you with all kinds of other fees and costs that are mostly (or all) made up.

That is dishonest and such companies deserve to be driven out of business.

How to Tell The Difference Between a Good Shop and a Bad One

One of the most powerful tools you have to help you avoid spending excess money or having all kinds of other problems is INFORMATION.

Specifically information from OTHER CUSTOMERS who have already dealt with a given company and its people and who share their own experience doing so.

One format for getting such information is reading REVIEWS.

Look on Google and look on Facebook – then just google the company name and reviews, complaints, etc., and see what pops up.  You can also check the better business bureau and other similar sites.

Real People vs Employee and Owner Reviews of Their Own Company

Pay attention when you research a company.

Go to their own site and own social media pages – make note of their owner information and the names of their employees and family members. Then cross-check that against the names and profiles of positive reviews, likes, and other favorable mentions.

Also, keep in mind reviews can be PURCHASED and for a few bucks anyone and any company can have lots of positive FAKE reviews – but if you read them carefully they are usually very vague and almost non-existent on details – dates, times, who, what when costs, etc. and their profile will lead you nowhere typically – or at least not back to a real person with a real profile that you can check.


So Is Inwood Truck and Trailer Repair a Good Business or a Bad Business?

In this REVIEW we will be looking closely at Inwood Truck and Trailer Repair and sharing the truth about them – either way.

Right now they are working on my truck – and the jury is still out – but not for long!

As they proceed it will all be documented and reported throughout my blogs and other social media platforms in multiple formats. You can read a more detailed version up to now on my blog at my author/instructor site and I will be updating that one throughout the process and providing my own review, assessment, and opinions too.

Stay Tuned and Check Back Here For Details!



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