New Site – Seller Direct Services Coming Soon

It has long been a goal of mine to have a way to help people showcase and market commercial equipment, commercials trucks, work trucks and vehicles, regular cars pickups, vans, buses, RV’s of all kinds large and small including truck campers, travel trailers, motor coaches and conversions.

I also wanted to feature tiny homes and other human habitats including regular real estate, along with boats, and even general aviation aircraft.

The idea is to provide information, video tours and content on each item, feature it on our site/blog and on our Seller Direct Services YouTube Channel – and possibly later in a newsletter or magazine of some kind.

All negotiations and sales are to be Seller Direct – between the buyer and the seller – hence the name Seller Direct Services.

In the begining the initial listings will all be FREE – for a limited time – and later sellers will pay a small fee for a period of time, probably either monthly, quarterly or six months with the option to renew as needed item by item.

That’s the idea anyway. Soon enough we will see how it works out!

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