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Welcome to where you learn how to achieve Trucking Business Success!

Getting specialized information can help you achieve success in trucking and can help you do it much faster than the typical trial and error path that so many new truck drivers and trucking business owners pursue.

Consider this site to be your centralized distribution center for specialized information, training, and other resources. 

You will find all kinds of information, plenty of help and support and links to additional resources here, such as;

  1. Articles – On this site and blog
  2. YouTube Channel – Links to our channel and videos on multiple trucking-related topics are coming soon – including interviews!
  3. Podcast – Links to The L.D. Sewell Podcast Trucking Business Success edition 
  4. Facebook Group – Links and information for you to join our existing Trucking Business Success Facebook  group
  5. Trucking Business Success Academy – This will be THE SOURCE for in-depth training and detailed information about all aspects of Trucking Business and Trucking Career Success and you will find links here to the Trucking Business Success Academy and to specific courses 
  6. Trucking Business Success LinkedIn Group – There will be links to this new group which we are just starting to build for existing Trucking Business Owners and will focus more on in-depth technical questions and information
  7. Additional Resources – information and links to other sources of information, products and services that can help you build your own Trucking Business and Trucking Career


My name is L.D. Sewell and I started this site to help you do better in trucking from day one on. I have been involved in trucking for more than two and a half decades and counting and I want to share everything I have learned with you.

This site is new – but it will soon contain massive amounts of valuable Trucking Business and Trucking Career information – so check back often.

I look forward to the possibility of building a lifelong mutually beneficial relationship with you!