The Trucking Industry NEVER Shuts Down

No matter what. Pandemic, terrorist attacks, outright war, and anything and everything else in between. Trucking never stops and drivers and companies are always working moving freight.

If it ever does shut down – it will only do so if civilized and organized society has completely and totally collapsed along with all commerce. Until then – the trucks keep on rolling every single day.

That means so long as society continues to exist – trucking is always going to be an excellent career choice and the industry will always have work available for people willing and able to do the work. There is your opportunity if you want it.

A Good Time for a Career Change

If you are among the millions of people who have found out the hard way that your job has shut down and may not come back for months or may not ever come back – then maybe now is the time for you to seriously consider making a major change in your life.

Consider trucking.

Training is relatively fast – and yes many truck driver training schools are open and actively training new drivers. The industry needs them – the economy needs them and we all need them! Without trucking, the food and other critical supplies stop getting to stores, and people start starving – and that would soon lead to a situation far worse than any virus could ever cause.

So trucking must keep on trucking – come what may – no matter what.

Having said that – some states are preventing schools from operating there – but not a big issue for you no matter where you live because you can leave. If you live in a state that is preventing schools from operating there simply find a school in a neighboring state that is still operating and you can go there now if you choose.

What you do or don’t do is up to you – just know that you do have choices available and there is a way if you have the will to make it happen.

Within a few weeks, you can complete the initial training, and then you will be ready for road training. That takes a couple more weeks or so give or take – depending on the specific trucking company you go to. After that, you will be ready for your own truck and to be delivering freight on your own – and there is more than enough work to keep you as busy as you can handle.

Good Starting Pay and Benefits

Overall the trucking industry has good pay and benefits available comparatively speaking. Some will argue that the amount of time you put in and the time out on the road negate the amounts of money the industry pays – and that’s an opinion. I would certainly not argue if it paid a lot more than it does – but it isn’t bad either. You can start out at over $45,000 per year realistically right now – and if you are extremely motivated and hardworking I can show you how you might be able to do better than $60,000 your very first year in trucking. Is that guaranteed? Of course NOT – because the work that must be done depends entirely on YOU! But there are ways to do that well that are realistically available to those who can handle it and are willing to do the work needed to make it happen – and no it is not going to be easy.

Realistically you can expect to make at least $45,000 right now your first year if you are willing and able to go out on the road and stay out for a week or two at a time. If not then trucking might not be your best option – that’s just the truth. Is it the right opportunity fr you now?  That depends on you, your situation, and what you want and what you are willing and able to do to get it.

Most major carriers offer medical, dental, and vision insurance and pay at least a portion of it for you. The rest they deduct on a weekly basis and generally, that’s how companies pay you – every week.

There are also ways to make additional money by recruiting/referring other drivers and by becoming a trainer – once you have some experience and know enough to start training people. That may take you about a year or so – but that time will pass by so quickly it will be done before you hardly even realize it!

I can’t tell you whether it is the right career for you or not – and neither can anyone else if they are being honest with you. You alone have to look at the work, the lifestyle, get the information you need to make an informed decision – and then make your own decision.

What I can do is give you access to all kinds of trucking career and trucking business information. Then if you decide it is the right thing for you – I can help you with additional specialized information, training, and support that will help you do better in trucking from day one and then on throughout your entire career if you want my help.

Think you might be interested ?

Try a few of my courses on Udemy and see what you think.

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