Trucking is a Business Even if You are a Company Driver!

When I first started thinking about a name for our Facebook group and a specific course I was working on for Udemy – I went back and forth about whether to name it Trucking Business Success or Trucking Career Success or even to have two separate communities at the same time.

Ultimately I decided to go with Trucking Business Success.

The reason is that no matter what you do in trucking, whether you are a company driver, a lease-purchase driver, an owner-operator, freight broker or fall into some other category – you are IN BUSINESS for yourself in so many ways already!

Even so – once you realize this and embrace it then there are many things you can start doing that will dramatically improve your success within trucking and your entire life outside of trucking too.

Trucking – especially for drivers – is unique in so many ways. Your actions and how you do what you do and when dramatically affect your earning and your time at home and everything else.

From where you run, when you run, to what you haul, the kind of equipment and the quality of that equipment you drive – it’s all up to you.

How much you get paid is within also within your control.

Some drivers starting out as rookie drivers make only $400 or so per week when they start running on their own – while at the same time others will make $1000 to $1500 per week very quickly. Maybe not immediately… it does take some time and there is a learning curve along with effort needed, even when you are well informed and highly motivated.

Some will still do better than others too. That much remains true.

But the main point is that there are distinct things you can do that will greatly improve your own results. That power is in YOUR hands.

That is why it is best to wrap your own mind around the idea that YOU ARE IN A TRUCKING BUSINESS of your own from DAY ONE even when you start as a company driver.

That mindset will help you get far more of what you need and want from trucking as you build your career and your business within the trucking industry.

I wish you all the best as you work to achieve your own Trucking Business Success!


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