Why Trucking Appeals to So Many People

Freedom and Independence.

That is the short version. You can add a sense of adventure and variety along with all kinds of other descriptors too – some very common and some unique to each person.

Trucking is NOT like other things.

It doesn’t play by the same rules. It doesn’t reward you the same way. It is also far more dangerous than most other careers or jobs. All these things and so much more make it a truly unique career choice.

That is why I love trucking.

It is near ideal for some – and completely wrong for others. You have to do your own evaluation and make your own decisions whether you are a good fit for trucking or not. If you are, then once in – you will be in it for life more likely than not. Maybe you will change roles and specific jobs within the industry – and you can bet on that – but one way or another you will seek to stay connected to trucking somehow for the rest of your life.

I do and I will. Once you get that diesel in your veins there is no cure!

Freedom and Adventure Await You too – If You Dare…

What about you?

If you have been thinking about becoming a truck driver for years now but haven’t – what is stopping you?

Make up your mind and be sure to do your research and homework (check out my courses on Udemy!) and decide. Once you decide to do it then stop putting it off! Just get it done.

Select a school and a company and go get signed up, finish your training and get started building your own career. Be sure to join us and share your adventures as you do! You can find our group on Facebook – Trucking Business Success – look it up, then come join us!

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